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Days 9 & 10 - a mixed bag! 

I need to schedule days of the week for livestreaming, or I find they fall by the wayside completely... During week 2, look for a livestream weekly schedule & catch some short sets on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube accounts! 

I've gotten worse at the mile-per-day thing!  Week 2 will see an attempt to up the mileage JUST ENOUGH to make up for days missed (by end July, I'm determined to average 1 mile per day, even if the active times are inconsistent ;)

Where I'm still PERFECT is on the SONGWRITING!! *dances around in victory*  What really helped keep this moving along during week 2 is the 5-in-5 Songwriting Challenge group by Sarah Spencer on Facebook!  If you're a songwriter (pro, hobbyist, or "thought-about-it-once-what-do-i-do-now"), I can't recommend a group like this enough!  Check out the group and see when the next challenge happens.  You won't believe the songs that can be spun into existence in a day when you make it fun & pressure-free (as in:  "it's okay to suck - not every tune needs to be perfect" ;) )

Here are the snippets for Days 9 & 10!

Days 6 & 7!  

I'm still writing a song a day!  Haven't missed one since July started :)  The mile-on-foot still tends to be a one-day-on for 2 miles, and one-day-off, but I'll keep working on that part ;)  Gonna venture into YouTube live and Twitter Live this week (because I've never gone live on either of those!  Although I did try out Periscope when it first started, but...) 

I'm planning a full livestream concert in August to debut the favorite songs from this month's challenge (yours and mine)!  Want to get full-length song access, and have a vote for top songs on the concert?  SUBSCRIBE today & you're IN!

Check out clips of songs 6 & 7 here: 


Days 4 & 5!  

Because of the holiday yesterday, I'm combining 2 check-ins into one!  I admit that I skipped the mile on foot yesterday, but did 1.7 the day prior and 1.99 today to makeup for it :) 

Also, I'm amending my livestream challenge - daily was feeling tedious and it was hard for people to catch them all SO - I'm committing instead to a weekly livestream (with a possibility of more) instead.

Here are the new song segments from July 4 & 5!

Day 2 - Exactly one mile! 

Today I slept in til after 10am - which is very rare for me!  As a result, the 1-mile-on-foot ended up as a treadmill mile (with maybe .25 running, .75 walking) since it's currently 90million degrees in Pittsburgh (lol).  No pic, because I turned the machine off before I remembered that part, so you'll have to take my word for it that it actually happened ;) 

Livestreams today included short, 1-song sets on Facebook & Instagram, with a 4-song feature on an Instagram Live open mic, hosted by my friend Gail Gallagher (a singer-songwriter from Chicago - If you're on my mailing list, you might remember Gail from a feature I did last year)! 

Check out today's songwriting clip!  (remember to subscribe for full-length versions & the chance to vote for favorites each week!)

Day one - SUCCESS!  

So Day 1 was a 3 for 3 success! 

I walked/ran 1.7 miles, I livestreamed on both Facebook and Instagram, and I wrote a new song! 

You can see a 30 second clip of the new song below.  If you want to see full versions of my songs each week of the challenge (AND have a chance to vote for your favorites!) Go here and subscribe to my mailing list!  Subscribers get exclusive access to my July Challenge songs (and get lots of other fun stuff too!)

Watch today's song clip here!






CHECK THIS OUT! I was on HughShowsTV! 

Sorry for the long snooze here on the blog! (I'll post another entry later this week with the rundown on my SUPER FUN Birthday show (from Feb 28)  at The Funhouse  - seriously was the most fun I've had in MONTHS!)

BUT TODAY I want to share the latest episode of HughShowsTV - featuring yours truly! 

I encourage you to take 30 mins and check out the episode (featuring a chat about songwriting, AcoustiCafe, and my teaching gigs, as well as a live performance of Velvet Skin, Let it Rain, and Let's All Be Wonderful!).  Also, be sure to check out Hugh's website, which is CHOCK FULL of Pittsburgh music & musicians!


New Shirt Designs! 

If you subscribe to my mailing list, you got a vote on which design was best!  (SPOILER ALERT:  It was the grey "Gonna Be So Bright" one)

The grey shirt will be available in sizes S-XL at the Glass Half Full show on Feb 28 at Mr. Small's Funhouse!  Don't worry, though - BOTH designs will be available for online ordering through Printful in the near future (March, in fact). 

So, if you're at the show, come see me at the merch table for a closer look at the "Shine" design. If not (or if you really love the black "Let it Rain" shirt), you'll get to buy the shirt you love best online in March :)