THIS JUST IN! (Feb 11 Feature @ AcoustiCafe!)

I'm SO PSYCHED to announce that I'll be the featured artist at AcoustiCafe on Feb 11!  

It's always a great time at this open mic, and the quality of acts is consistently high.  They start at 7pm, at the Funhouse @ Mr Small's in Millvale, PA.  I'll play a short set at about 9pm, just after the host (DRU - who is amazing!) plays a few... There's a bar right in the room, and in the hall outside is a grill for snacks/dinner!

Another awesome thing about AcoustiCafe is that they LIVESTREAM on Facebook during the featured set (usually streaming from 9-10pm, roughly).  SO if you can't make it out to the venue, you can still catch my set on Facebook! (look for AcoustiCafe's page to find the stream).  

Thanks to Eric George, for inviting me to play!

Enjoy the rest of the week (warmer weather where I am, but with rain - bleh...) - and celebrate music with me this weekend at:

  • Hambones Acoustic Brunch/fundraiser for Planned Parenthood Sunday, Feb 10 (I'll play at 12:20pm)
  • AcoustiCafe at the Funhouse (or live on Facebook) Monday, Feb 11 (I'll play around 9pm)

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