YIKES! It's been awhile!

Sorry to leave you hanging!  Life's been keeping me distracted - but in a good way!  

Just got back from 3rd trip to LA for a sync licensing event (sync licensing is where a song is used in film/TV/ads).  I got useful feedback on a song I'd written with TV/films in mind, and heard some MINDBLOWING songs from friends of mine, too!  Although it was cooler than average, and rainy for a bit, I'll never complain about a trip to LA - especially in the winter when it's 18 in Pittsburgh ;)  

Next adventure:  a trip to polish up on my audio engineering skills at The Recording Workshop in Ohio!  I attended this school in 2010, and am going back to take their advanced course (to hopefully make my self-recorded tracks sound closer to 'pro')

Next gig:  a May set at the Acoustic Brunch @ Hambones in Lawrenceville.  There's a Mother's Day show, and I'm one of the musician/moms on the ticket!  Happening on May 12 from 10:30am-2pm - mark your calendar!

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