From one adventure to the next...

I was excited to be a part of WYEP's Singer Songwriter contest again this year!  The night was magical and the music was fabulous!  Despite not being one of the 3 chosen to move on (out of 20 artists performing), I heard from SO MANY PEOPLE afterward about how my song Let it Rain affected them deeply, I made new friends and saw some long lost ones, too!  Such a wonderful experience - thanks to the WYEP staff for putting this on every year - way cool!

This week, I'm off to Austin, Texas (yes... I'm going to Austin... in August... it's gonna be sultry) for the CDBaby DIY Musician Conference!  I'm psyched to get back to this event, and am thrilled that I'm going to get to play a set at a local showcase while I'm in town!  (Thanks to friend & amazing musician Jan Seides for setting up the showcase and for inviting me to play!) Follow me on socials to get some daily play by play from the conference!

See you on the flip side - and keep an ear open for new things that are unfolding... Announcements upcoming!