Day 3! An acapella mystery...

Got outside before it was too crazy-hot for my mile today (but tried a livestream from the porch in the sun later, which was maybe a mistake - lol

Today's song segment is acapella!

Day 2 - Exactly one mile!

Today I slept in til after 10am - which is very rare for me!  As a result, the 1-mile-on-foot ended up as a treadmill mile (with maybe .25 running, .75 walking) since it's currently 90million degrees in Pittsburgh (lol).  No…

Day one - SUCCESS!

So Day 1 was a 3 for 3 success! 

I walked/ran 1.7 miles, I livestreamed on both Facebook and Instagram, and I wrote a new song! 

You can see a 30 second clip of the new song…


CHECK THIS OUT! I was on HughShowsTV!

Sorry for the long snooze here on the blog! (I'll post another entry later this week with the rundown on my SUPER FUN Birthday show (from Feb 28)  at The Funhouse  - seriously was the most fun I've had in…

New Shirt Designs!

If you subscribe to my mailing list, you got a vote on which design was best!  (SPOILER ALERT:  It was the grey "Gonna Be So Bright" one)

The grey shirt will be available in sizes S-XL at the Glass Half

Feb 28! The start of a busy Spring ?

Glass Half Full - A celebration concert with Julianne Wright (featuring Jeremy Caywood, Amy Mmhmm, DRU, Tai Chirovsky, and Lindsay Dragan & her band)!

I am insanely excited for this show! A favorite venue, a cast of amazingly talented…

November Shows - So Fun!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Our Nov. 15 RAICES benefit raised $334 ($275 onsite from attendees, and the rest from online donations)!  A great time, with great friends, and so happy to support this organization that is doing so…

Typical Whirlwind of an Autumn!

From mid August to the end of October has been a whirlwind, with back to school (both for music teacher me, and for my 2 teens) AND in September: “the week of 3 birthdays“ where the other 3 members of…

What a Long (not that strange) Trip!

So, right after the July 4 holiday, I flew off to San Diego with the hubs (after dropping the kids off with gramma) for a week-long business trip/vaca! 

Day 1 included a fun co-write with some friends in Southern California…