Lunch in Venetia.... PA!

Now, We Lunch!  

Monday night's debut hosting AcoustiCafe was:

FUN!  (like getting to know more performing musicians/ being closer to the process), and sometimes PETRIFYING (like when I told people to order from the bartender after the bar was closed…

What's Up for the Summer?!

SO MUCH is up this summer!  

First are performances & live stuff:  

  • On June 10, I'm hosting the open stage at AcoustiCafe!  Come out & say hi, play a couple songs, and hang with us!  I'll be your host…

After the Recording Workshop...

What an amazing couple of weeks at Recording Workshop (Ohio)!  Great reboot of all the stuff I learned there back in 2010, along with valuable new info on advanced techniques and software that didn't exist back then.  Thanks to all…

YIKES! It's been awhile!

Sorry to leave you hanging!  Life's been keeping me distracted - but in a good way!  

Just got back from 3rd trip to LA for a sync licensing event (sync licensing is where a song is used in film/TV/ads).  I…


Come see me Feb 10 at Hambones!

I'm one of the featured performers for the Acoustic Brunch at Hambone's (Butler St, Lawrenceville) on February 10!  Come up for music and enjoy some great food, too!  This Acoustic Brunch is a fundraiser for a local charity - more…


First Blog Post Ever! (and Winter news)

Welcome to the blog!  I'm so excited to have this option on my site (and blogging capability was a factor in my recent migration to a new hosting company - Thanks, Bandzoogle!)

What's up for the winter?