What's Up for the Summer?!

SO MUCH is up this summer!  

First are performances & live stuff:  

  • On June 10, I'm hosting the open stage at AcoustiCafe!  Come out & say hi, play a couple songs, and hang with us!  I'll be your host, and will play a song or two to start the night :)
  • On June 19, I'm playing the brown-bag lunch at Wright's UMC in Venitia!  They provide a yummy lunch, and I provide the tunes! I play from 12-1pm

Next some new songs are in the works:

  • With the help of some local musicians and a local studio, I'm starting work on a new EP soon!  Getting organized right now, but hope to have a final product with 4-6 new songs by year's end!  

BRAND NEW Facebook group for members of my email community!

  • I'm so excited to offer this new opportunity for supporters to connect with me on Facebook!  This group is exclusive to my community of email subscribers, so if you aren't in that club yet, go here to get in on this opportunity (plus so many more benefits, like first-to-know news stories about my music career, behind the scenes bonuses, chances to offer input - like which songs should go on my next EP, etc)!
  • Speaking of email, I'm in the process of creating new content for that community.  If you're subscribed already, you'll see it soon (don't be surprised, but the first email will say 'welcome to the list' or something similar - even if you've been here awhile, you'll still get all the new stuff!  (and this new 'welcome' email will contain freebies as well as a link to the new Facebook group).