Lunch in Venetia.... PA!

Now, We Lunch!  

Monday night's debut hosting AcoustiCafe was:

FUN!  (like getting to know more performing musicians/ being closer to the process), and sometimes PETRIFYING (like when I told people to order from the bartender after the bar was closed... oops!) But, the fun part was 99% of it! 

Thanks to AcoustiCafe for inviting me to host, thanks to all the supremely talented musicians who performed (especially the house band!), and special thanks to everyone who offered kind words, encouragement & support as I figured things out :)  After such a great time on Monday, NOW I'm amped up about WHAT'S NEXT!  

Wrights UMC in Venetia has invited me (for the 4th year!) to play on their 'Brown Bag Lunch Concert Series!' 

I'll play from 12-1pm on NEXT WEDNESDAY (June 19) while the church  serves a lunch ($5 suggested donation) to those attending.  (You may also bring your own 'brown bag lunch' and just check out the music, if you like).  

Planning to attend?  Let me know by RSVP'ing on Facebook here: