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My song was used in a commercial this year! 

Speaking of thanksgiving & gratitude, this year a song of mine was licensed for an ad running in Brazil, Mexico & Central America!  Many of you know that I've been having fun writing songs in all genres for sync licensing in ads/tv/film, and this placement is my FIRST significant one!  Hoping to add more in the coming year...

I'm going all-in on the writing, producing, and performing in 2022! (Starting with a planned FULL ALBUM RELEASE early in the year!)

Check out the Dove ad below!  (They used the instrumental only, but that's MY SONG! Woohoo!)


So psyched to be invited to the AcoustiCafe stage at Mellon Square June 7th, 8-9pm as part of the Live Arts/Zero Fossil Silent Stage series!  This experimental event uses headphones, rather than loudspeakers, so that audiences can enjoy multiple stages in the same location, with little to no sound-bleed from one to the other! 

To view the Facebook event page, go here:

WE SHINE (SHINE ON)! The podcast feature AND Bandcamp release happens TODAY! 

The day is HERE and the time is NOW!  So excited to share this track with you - it's been in the works for more than a year!  Featuring Eric George on drums, and Jesse Prentiss on bass, this is a song that uplifts & inspires - so SHINE ON!

To hear today's podcast feature on the Women of Substance Radio podcast (ep #1159), go here:

To stream/buy "We Shine (Shine On)!" click the image!


After a slow summer THINGS ARE HAPPENING! 

Coming Up!

  • OCTOBER 12:  "We Shine (Shine On!)" is a featured song on the podcast! (the 'songs of conscience' series - uplifting songs episode).
  • OCTOBER 18-24 unreleased songs "Summer Haze" and "Let it Rain" are featured in a session, and I'll speak about them -  at the 2020 U2 Conference! (registration open at the link)
  • NOVEMBER 6: "Let It Rain" is a featured songs on the podcast! (still the 'songs of conscience' series - this time with immigrant issues and themes)



Days 13 & 14 - better late than never! 

Okay, here are the clips from July 13 & 14th's songs!  I've been distracted, lately, because lots of decisions being made about my kids school year, and my part-time teaching situation is a thing, too, but still - week 2 songwriting is complete!