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So psyched to be invited to the AcoustiCafe stage at Mellon Square June 7th, 8-9pm as part of the Live Arts/Zero Fossil Silent Stage series!  This experimental event uses headphones, rather than loudspeakers, so that audiences can enjoy multiple stages in the same location, with little to no sound-bleed from one to the other! 

To view the Facebook event page, go here:

WE SHINE (SHINE ON)! The podcast feature AND Bandcamp release happens TODAY! 

The day is HERE and the time is NOW!  So excited to share this track with you - it's been in the works for more than a year!  Featuring Eric George on drums, and Jesse Prentiss on bass, this is a song that uplifts & inspires - so SHINE ON!

To hear today's podcast feature on the Women of Substance Radio podcast (ep #1159), go here:

To stream/buy "We Shine (Shine On)!" click the image!


After a slow summer THINGS ARE HAPPENING! 

Coming Up!

  • OCTOBER 12:  "We Shine (Shine On!)" is a featured song on the podcast! (the 'songs of conscience' series - uplifting songs episode).
  • OCTOBER 18-24 unreleased songs "Summer Haze" and "Let it Rain" are featured in a session, and I'll speak about them -  at the 2020 U2 Conference! (registration open at the link)
  • NOVEMBER 6: "Let It Rain" is a featured songs on the podcast! (still the 'songs of conscience' series - this time with immigrant issues and themes)



Days 13 & 14 - better late than never! 

Okay, here are the clips from July 13 & 14th's songs!  I've been distracted, lately, because lots of decisions being made about my kids school year, and my part-time teaching situation is a thing, too, but still - week 2 songwriting is complete!

Days 11 & 12 - Livestream schedule in the works! 

Still behind on the mileage, but there's a template ready for my livestream weekly schedule!  Will spend some time planning & filling in those empty squares. 







In the meantime, clips are READY for days 11 & 12 of the still-perfect songwriting challenge! 

Days 9 & 10 - a mixed bag! 

I need to schedule days of the week for livestreaming, or I find they fall by the wayside completely... During week 2, look for a livestream weekly schedule & catch some short sets on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube accounts! 

I've gotten worse at the mile-per-day thing!  Week 2 will see an attempt to up the mileage JUST ENOUGH to make up for days missed (by end July, I'm determined to average 1 mile per day, even if the active times are inconsistent ;)

Where I'm still PERFECT is on the SONGWRITING!! *dances around in victory*  What really helped keep this moving along during week 2 is the 5-in-5 Songwriting Challenge group by Sarah Spencer on Facebook!  If you're a songwriter (pro, hobbyist, or "thought-about-it-once-what-do-i-do-now"), I can't recommend a group like this enough!  Check out the group and see when the next challenge happens.  You won't believe the songs that can be spun into existence in a day when you make it fun & pressure-free (as in:  "it's okay to suck - not every tune needs to be perfect" ;) )

Here are the snippets for Days 9 & 10!

Day 8 - STILL PERFECT on the songwriting front!  

I'm so psyched that after today I have 8 NEW SONGS to show for my first 8 days in July!  (If only the exercise was that consistent - lol!)

Today's song challenge was to write the song to a drum loop, so thanks to Garage Band, and here we go: