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Days 13 & 14 - better late than never!

Okay, here are the clips from July 13 & 14th's songs!  I've been distracted, lately, because lots of decisions being made about my kids school year, and my part-time teaching situation is a thing, too, but still - week 2…

Days 11 & 12 - Livestream schedule in the works!

Still behind on the mileage, but there's a template ready for my livestream weekly schedule!  Will spend some time planning & filling in those empty squares. 







In the meantime, clips are READY for days 11 & 12 of the…


Days 9 & 10 - a mixed bag!

I need to schedule days of the week for livestreaming, or I find they fall by the wayside completely... During week 2, look for a livestream weekly schedule & catch some short sets on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube…


Day 8 - STILL PERFECT on the songwriting front!

I'm so psyched that after today I have 8 NEW SONGS to show for my first 8 days in July!  (If only the exercise was that consistent - lol!)

Today's song challenge was to write the song to a drum…


Days 6 & 7!

I'm still writing a song a day!  Haven't missed one since July started :)  The mile-on-foot still tends to be a one-day-on for 2 miles, and one-day-off, but I'll keep working on that part ;)  Gonna venture into YouTube live…


Days 4 & 5!

Because of the holiday yesterday, I'm combining 2 check-ins into one!  I admit that I skipped the mile on foot yesterday, but did 1.7 the day prior and 1.99 today to makeup for it :) 

Also, I'm amending my…

Day 3! An acapella mystery...

Got outside before it was too crazy-hot for my mile today (but tried a livestream from the porch in the sun later, which was maybe a mistake - lol

Today's song segment is acapella!

Day 2 - Exactly one mile!

Today I slept in til after 10am - which is very rare for me!  As a result, the 1-mile-on-foot ended up as a treadmill mile (with maybe .25 running, .75 walking) since it's currently 90million degrees in Pittsburgh (lol).  No…

Day one - SUCCESS!

So Day 1 was a 3 for 3 success! 

I walked/ran 1.7 miles, I livestreamed on both Facebook and Instagram, and I wrote a new song! 

You can see a 30 second clip of the new song…