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After the Recording Workshop... 

What an amazing couple of weeks at Recording Workshop (Ohio)!  Great reboot of all the stuff I learned there back in 2010, along with valuable new info on advanced techniques and software that didn't exist back then.  Thanks to all the instructors, and to my Team 1 classmates for all the support!  

Have several new songs in the works, with recording session(s) coming up hopefully in May - stay tuned!

You can usually catch me live on Monday nights at AcoustiCafe (meets in the Funhouse at Mr Smalls in Millvale, PA).  And I'll also be checking out the Wednesday open stage at Full Pint Wildside in Lawrenceville this week (May 1)

Next official gig is Mother's Day, May 12 for Hambone's (Lawrenceville) Acoustic Brunch!  Join me and a host of mom/musicians for a special edition of this popular event!

Planned for summer:  gigs in Bridgeville, Washington & other spots - more to come, soon!

YIKES! It's been awhile! 

Sorry to leave you hanging!  Life's been keeping me distracted - but in a good way!  

Just got back from 3rd trip to LA for a sync licensing event (sync licensing is where a song is used in film/TV/ads).  I got useful feedback on a song I'd written with TV/films in mind, and heard some MINDBLOWING songs from friends of mine, too!  Although it was cooler than average, and rainy for a bit, I'll never complain about a trip to LA - especially in the winter when it's 18 in Pittsburgh ;)  

Next adventure:  a trip to polish up on my audio engineering skills at The Recording Workshop in Ohio!  I attended this school in 2010, and am going back to take their advanced course (to hopefully make my self-recorded tracks sound closer to 'pro')

Next gig:  a May set at the Acoustic Brunch @ Hambones in Lawrenceville.  There's a Mother's Day show, and I'm one of the musician/moms on the ticket!  Happening on May 12 from 10:30am-2pm - mark your calendar!

THIS JUST IN! (Feb 11 Feature @ AcoustiCafe!) 

I'm SO PSYCHED to announce that I'll be the featured artist at AcoustiCafe on Feb 11!  

It's always a great time at this open mic, and the quality of acts is consistently high.  They start at 7pm, at the Funhouse @ Mr Small's in Millvale, PA.  I'll play a short set at about 9pm, just after the host (DRU - who is amazing!) plays a few... There's a bar right in the room, and in the hall outside is a grill for snacks/dinner!

Another awesome thing about AcoustiCafe is that they LIVESTREAM on Facebook during the featured set (usually streaming from 9-10pm, roughly).  SO if you can't make it out to the venue, you can still catch my set on Facebook! (look for AcoustiCafe's page to find the stream).  

Thanks to Eric George, for inviting me to play!

Enjoy the rest of the week (warmer weather where I am, but with rain - bleh...) - and celebrate music with me this weekend at:

  • Hambones Acoustic Brunch/fundraiser for Planned Parenthood Sunday, Feb 10 (I'll play at 12:20pm)
  • AcoustiCafe at the Funhouse (or live on Facebook) Monday, Feb 11 (I'll play around 9pm)

Live premiere of We Shine (Shine On)!  

What a great night at Acousticafe on Monday! 

Thanks so much to Acousticafe and my friends/fellow musicians in the house band for helping me introduce this song to the world!  Special thanks to host Lindsay Dragan for being awesome, and to the rest of the band: Jesse Prentiss, Brad Yoder, and Eric George for backing me up on the song.  Stay tuned for a fully produced version of this song in the coming months.


Come see me Feb 10 at Hambones! 

I'm one of the featured performers for the Acoustic Brunch at Hambone's (Butler St, Lawrenceville) on February 10!  Come up for music and enjoy some great food, too!  This Acoustic Brunch is a fundraiser for a local charity - more info to come. Show runs from 10:30-2!

If you can't make the brunch, you can usually see me at the Acousticafe open mic, Monday nights at the Funhouse (upstairs at Mr Smalls) in Millvale.  Music starts at 7 or so, and goes til late.  I'm premiering a new song there tonight!  The musicians at this event are top-notch, so even if you don't catch my set, you can't go wrong ;)

Still writing & producing a couple songs a month in my basement... New single coming in February! 

I've also started training to run a half marathon... Because it was there... The goal is to run a non-official half on the day of the Pittsburgh Marathon (or if it looks like I'm actually going to be in shape to do it, I might try a late entry to the official half).  We'll see how this turns out - have never run more than a 10K before & that was a long time ago, so...

First Blog Post Ever! (and Winter news) 

Welcome to the blog!  I'm so excited to have this option on my site (and blogging capability was a factor in my recent migration to a new hosting company - Thanks, Bandzoogle!)

What's up for the winter? 

  1. New releases in January, February, and March!  Let's All Be Wonderful was released just in time for the new year!  Now available everywhere!
  2. A live set coming up in February!   I'll be one of the featured artists at Hambones for the Acoustic Brunch on Feb 10!  

Stay warm - hope to see you soon!

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Let's All Be Wonderful (to each other, this year)!  A new song, full of hope for a new year (and every year)!